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That is I had a new set of 5 rapidly losing trades. I had a limit of 5 trades open at any time in my account and used a -220 pip SS. It worked fine and I was taken of my 5 losing trades with a manageable loss. December 2014 saw ZuluTrader make changes to increase investor protection to stay in line with EU legislation. EU residents can now only view the top 1,000 traders who comply with stringent criteria, demonstrating consistent and reliable performance. The result of this is that all traders now aim to adhere to these rules.

Which bank is good for forex transaction?

Axis Bank Multi-Currency Forex Card

As with all foreign exchange credit cards, transactions in the currency loaded on the card do not attract any mark-up fee, however, transactions in a currency other than the one loaded on the card attract a cross-currency mark-up fee of 3.5% of the transaction amount.

Employing an effective money management system can be difficult for beginners. It is also particularly challenging for those not focused on forex, such as gold, CFD, and cryptocurrency traders. As a copy trading solution for brokers in the EU, ZuluTrade has obtained a Triple-A Experts SA license from Greece’s Hellenic Capital Market Commission .

PayPal, Bank Wire Transfer, and MasterCard are among the withdrawal options offered to members. Investors and traders require an MT4 account with a partner brokerage, which is then linked with a ZuluTrade account. Following the initial set-up, ZuluTrade handles the entire operations automatically. Traders Combos, the managed trading services provided by ZuluTrade, enhances diversification, and risk reduction in portfolios. ZuluGuard protects portfolios from unexpected swings in traders’ performances and automatically disable it from providing signals.


It simply means according to ZuluTrade, that their platform fully complies with the EU framework for auto trading service providers. As such, brokers do not require additional regulation themselves to offer the platform to their clients. ZuluTrade is an online social and CopyTrading platform. Essentially, it allows traders to copy the trades of experienced traders in the forex and financial markets to achieve a level of automated trading.

The ZuluTrade trading platform currently provides trading for stocks, forex, binary options, commodities, such as oil, and indices, such as the NASDAQ. The platform then allows you to clone the strategies of top traders. ZuluTrade is an online and mobile social auto-trading platform with a global reach. It caters to both advanced and novice investors, with over twenty-six supported languages and state-of-the-art mobile apps.On December 14th, 2021, ZuluTrade was acquired by Finvasia Group. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

In addition, there are no entry costs and minimum deposits start at just a few hundred dollars. This is because people will trust your decision-making more if they know you are risking real capital too. Perhaps it is the sheer number of traders you can copy that sets ZuluTrade apart. You have access to over 10,000 traders from 192 countries.

  • I will continue to use it and advise on others to use it also.
  • Our Copy Trading Platform operates as an open ecosystem, accepting Traders and Investors from more than 50 brokerage firms worldwide.
  • Overall, the ZuluTrade applications and mobile site effectively complement the desktop-based platform.
  • It is always better to test and see for yourself.
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ZuluGuard is often highlighted as a particularly well-liked feature in review forums. It works by monitoring each trader’s behavior and removing a user when a draconian strategy is detected. This should help keep your income safe from erratic traders. On top of that, there are also training videos, tutorials, user guides, and PDFs that should be able to help you with any problems.

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You will get the typical comment “ work of much better SPs destroyed in a few days with this one. The loss is usually 5 – 10 times the expected monthly return, which usually wipe out all the other 5 SP’s profit for a month and more. The same scenario happened over and over again. You would find a SP that have a good performance record, sometimes longer than a year or two. You could be lucky and make a profit for a month or three and then out of the blue the SP would destroy the account.

Can I have multiple trading accounts with CoinXGlobal? A highly advanced account protection feature that monitors the performance of youxcriticals 24/7 and stepping in to protect your invested capital whenever needed. Deposit and withdrawal options are entirely dependent on the brokerage the investor oxcriticals uses. ZuluTrade doesn’t facilitate the processing of payments.

Does ZuluTrade accept Google Pay?

I need to say that the main essence of the situation is not that I was fined, but that with one click someone crossed out all the accumulated funds. Not only for a specific month, or for specific trading positions, but absolutely all the funds that I have collected on this account since the moment it joined ZuluTrade. You can start your social trading now by downloading app from IOS or Google Play store. You can access it through a web app as well, all you have to do is to complete live registration and choose Finveo.

The organization then made its financier, Triple-A Experts Investment Services SA, which offers assistance to EU-based merchants and EU settled representatives. ZuluTrade offers a variety of customer care options; however, it is highly recommended that you visit their Help Center and submit your inquiries, as you will most likely get information there. ZuluTrade offers a variety of digital coins such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Cash, Ethereum Classic, Monero, Cardano, NEO, EOS, Stellar Lumens, and DASH.

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I would like to update my opinion on zulutrade. LEON is a thief and i don’t understand why the nfa allows him to do business in forex. I belive his best providers left months ago after he constantly changed trading rules that benefited his pockets only. Open any signal provider that have a lot of comment posts, high ranking or low, good post or bad. Open the profiles of the followers that comment and share their profile. See if you could find any that are in profit for longer than 3 months.

I came to the conclusion recently that it is impossible to make any money with ZuluTrade. Out of every SP I choose 1 will change its trading behavior in the next 4 weeks and I will experience huge losses. It is unavoidable, unstoppable and uncontrollable. Samson Forrex Signals was my latest loss, without an e-mail from ZuluTrade warning me the change in behavior.

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Meeting the EU criteria above is particularly important if you want to appeal to the European market. You can sign up for their demo simulation account, however, for free. You will find more details about their practice account further below. ZuluTrade has a relatively low minimum deposit requirement.

Try before you buy, but otherwise there are some good providers. Money management is as important as the strategy so why on earth should the person following have a hand in making that decision.. Great combination of everything a trader needs, having the best experience with Zulutrade. Traders create a trade through their preferred trading method and ZuluTrade then drives the trade to the main core. I can only conclude that ZuluTrade is neglecting fiduciary responsibility to me its customer.

Can I make millions trading forex?

Forex trading may make you rich if you are a hedge fund with deep pockets or an unusually skilled currency trader. But for the average retail trader, rather than being an easy road to riches, forex trading can be a rocky highway to enormous losses and potential penury.

This could result in greater signal provider earnings. This is because you get 0.5 pips per lot traded by someone following you with a real money account. ZuluTrade reports xcritical the weighted average is around $4 per trade per standard lot. So, if you can accumulate over a hundred followers, that can add up to fairly significant commissions.

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Certain brokers available with ZuluTrade require a minimum deposit of just $1, others may require $300, £210, €250, 25,000 JPY, or 300 AUD. It appears that you have an ad-blocker running. By whitelisting SlideShare on your ad-blocker, you are supporting our community of content creators. ⇒ ⇐ This service will write as best as they can.

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Quite happy with my trading experience with zulutrade. ZuluTrade users are able to connect to the platform through the website and the available mobile applications. Innovative Mobile Apps for all major mobile platforms offer full functionality and the ability to be in control of your account anywhere, anytime. I would like beg you to please help us to protect our capital.

These are also commonly known as expert advisors . This gives you trade automation, allowing you to execute far more trades than you ever could manually. Aside from that, there aren’t any other additional costs. ZuluTrade has explained on their website that the traders you copy are paid directly by ZuluTrade, as part of the commission. The currency pair and time of the day can also influence the spread. For example, brokers often widen spreads during periods of high volatility.

ZuluGuard– A unique feature that protects Copy Traders if erratic trades are opened by traders they are following. Margin Call-o-Meter – This estimates the chance your account will run out of money, for example, if you get a margin call. This helps you establish how much of your capital you are actually risking. However, this is just an indicator and should not replace an effective money management system. Before you sign up and log in to ZuluTrade, you should also be aware of any additional costs.

Found this service few days ago and came here to rate it because it deserves a good rating. I see many bad reviews that mainly come from providers https://xcritical.solutions/ who with their bad trading expected to earn commisions. In zulutrade only profitable providers are earning comissions and that is the right thing.

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