Using Benefits to Improve Retention of Construction Employees

Construction Worker Benefits That Make The Job More Appealing

Many large construction employers are taking action to combat discrimination and prejudice in the industry and to encourage more minorities and women to consider careers in construction. While scaling your workforce during the labor shortage can be difficult, PeopleReady makes the process easier. We provide workers across a variety of industries for temporary, direct-hire and temp-to-perm positions.

Construction Worker Benefits That Make The Job More Appealing

Furthermore, unconventional schedules and lack of development opportunities are factors that can scare off candidates. Helping to create a unified construction industry that attracts and retains the best talent.

Attracting and Training the Next Generation

Acquiring talent at a steady pace is still possible despite the current labor crisis in the construction industry. You just need to be creative and innovative in your ways of attracting new and skilled candidates more than ever. It is a great idea as well to offer voluntary benefits to your employees in addition to the aforementioned core benefits. This will allow you to provide a wider range of benefits to your workers. Construction companies who offer below-the-market salaries tend to have inexperienced workers and are always in need of new ones because their past employees have either left the industry or went to competing companies. Construction companies should take advantage of this and restructure their current compensation and benefits offerings to entice new talent and retain their current ones.

Hiring needs in construction also vary by region, typically responding to population trends. The nature of the housing market forces you to be nimble and to spend time anticipating your future staffing needs. Creating a post to see if any of your connections know a reliable construction worker for a last-minute job or another position in your company that’s related to a different field will yield quicker responses. If a project you have worked on has received an award or you have received a personal award, make sure to include that on your profile so potential employers can see it. This will add more credibility to both your profile and any potential job applications that you put forward in the future. There are plenty of job postings, but, like most industries, job placement also involves relationships and referrals.

Engage, engage, engage – Our organization has developed a training module for every role in our business, from everything from general laborer right up to being the president of our company. So when employees come to work for us, they can see a career path ahead. A black-and-white training program is in place to get every individual worker to where he or she needs to be in a certain amount of time.

Creating a healthy company culture

The longer you’re on the job, the more likely you are to earn a valuable promotion. We are going to focus on just the basics, or what most construction industry employee benefits are offered. Employee retention is a critical issue for most construction businesses. It’s a subject we’ve covered in-depth, providing you with 5 factors to improve employee retention. But because employee satisfaction is a process, not a product, it pays to revisit the idea on a regular basis.

The top 10 percent of solar installers earned over $63,580 while the lowest 10 percent earned less than $30,180. A carpenter is one of the most versatile jobs in the construction industry. From installing a kitchen cabinet to constructing cement footings for a skyscraper, being a carpenter is a jack of all trades kind of skill. Sheet metal workers also work on restaurant equipment, signs, handrails, cars and trucks, column wraps and any other item that has metal.

How do I ask my boss for better benefits?

  1. Request a Total Package.
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  3. Be Strategic About Timing.
  4. Calculate the Value of Your Benefits.
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  6. Always Ask for More Money, Too.
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As the next female hire at a construction company, you have the opportunity to pave the way for future women in construction. Volunteer to lead workshops, ask for additional training, and apply for internal promotions to cement yourself as a force to be reckoned with in the industry. With that said, here are three reasons why women considering construction jobs shouldn’t let this stop them. Entry-level masons can enter the field after high school, but they can also go through an apprenticeship program offered by a technical school, college or through a union. Regardless of how they get their start, all heavy equipment operators need a high school diploma or equivalent, the proper amount of training and a Commercial Driver’s License . The median wage changes, however, depending on the industry that the equipment operator is in.

HR Challenges for the Construction Industry

We spend quite a bit of time, money and resources in developing our workforce, so when we get new workers who are interested in staying in the business and learning Construction Worker Benefits That Make The Job More Appealing it, we have a program to develop talent. Often operating from project-to-project, construction workers often cannot rely on a set and stable work schedule.

By changing things up, they will be more engaged in their jobs because they are doing something new. Just be sure not to add work outside of their employment contract or they may feel taken advantage of which can lead to unmotivated workers. Talk to your team about your expectations and be willing to listen to their input.

Industry Insights

If you’re a female looking for a construction job in construction technology, we’d love to hear from you! Check out the positions we have available online and apply to make the switch today.

Construction Worker Benefits That Make The Job More Appealing

The best employees are those that are looking to make progressive careers. They want to know that there is room for growth when they gain seniority with your organization. So being forthcoming about your safety culture can alleviate a lot of concerns and hesitations a potential employee might have. Offer summer jobs or internship opportunities to help students get a sense of what construction is all about.

Behind the business: Overcome decision fatigue with Selections

Ironworkers with more professional experience in the field may receive higher salaries. An ironworker typically spends three to four years as an ironworker apprentice, which is an entry-level training position.

This figure is unacceptable and shows the lack of progress that has been made in this area. PeopleReady, a TrueBlue company, specializes in quick and reliable on-demand labor and highly skilled workers. PeopleReady supports a wide range of blue-collar industries, including construction, manufacturing and logistics, waste and recycling, and hospitality. However, since there are fewer new construction workers than ever, the room for advancement is wide open.

So when we hold our safety meetings every morning, we make sure to cover anything and everything related to our pillars affecting the work we’re tasked with completing. And to reinforce our pillars, we regularly offer ongoing training activities for all of our employees. We mentioned before that compensation isn’t everything, but it is important. Companies that offer structured incentive compensation plans tend to see more return on investment than companies with a discretionary approach.

With enough determination, anyone can have a long, successful career in construction. This industry presents many incredible jobs for women and over the last decade or so it has taken strides towards gender equality, but there’s always room for improvement. In this article, we’ll discuss some ways in which we can support and cheer on our female coworkers! Motivating your construction workers is something that concerns many construction project managers because if your employees are not motivated, they might not get the job done on time. While some delays are normal, many construction project managers have wondered if other delays are because their construction workers are not motivated enough to get the job done. Many studies have indicated that construction employees require various motivational techniques to stay engaged. However, applying this knowledge can be difficult on a fast-paced, high-pressure construction site.

Paid maternity/paternity leave and fertility services attract and retain employees. Suffering a net loss of over two million jobs in the past decade, the construction industry is still reeling from the aftereffects of the recession. Despite being in the midst of a steady and prolonged recovery , a new generation of workers has sadly not yet embraced the industry as an option that affords exciting and viable career paths.

They also enjoy the variety of projects and the opportunity to learn on the job. If your career development goals include getting into an office, there are roles in construction management and project management. As a construction manager, you will oversee all the elements of construction. A project manager oversees everything beginning with selecting the right location for the project. With either job, you will manage a team and your responsibilities will include controlling the cost of the project.

As a result, they may be less adaptable to your company’s methods, have preconceived notions about their job functions, and react unfavorably when new styles or tasks are introduced. Learn about the unique apprenticeship requirements for your state or ironworking union. In most areas, candidates need to be at least 18 years old and possess a high school diploma or GED to apply for an ironworking apprenticeship.

This can be discovered with a little snooping around and questioning local contacts. But it quickly becomes a complex job that you probably want to outsource to one of the many firms which specialize in optimizing group benefits. Each of these benefits alone is enough to make a career in construction worth exploring.

These workers can increase your productivity while minimizing your company’s financial strain. We also vet each candidate to streamline the hiring process so that you receive the reliable workers you need as quickly as possible. Ironworkers frequently operate or work near a range of construction equipment and power tools, including rod bending machines, torches, harnesses and cranes. They rely on their thorough knowledge of best practices related to workplace safety to protect both themselves and other construction professionals.

Your construction job likely will offer these benefits in addition to your regular wage. Considering the cost of health insurance alone, these benefits probably represent a major pay increase from whatever job you had before (or that you’d otherwise be doing). Even though children have returned to school, COVID-19 cases among kids continue to rise and many kids are having to quarantine after being exposed at school.

  • It is relatively easy to get started, and often you don’t need major schooling or experience to work your way up.
  • Making connections with as many people in your industry can benefit you in the future in your career by having people who can recommend you for work and also constantly learning and growing as a construction worker.
  • In 2017, solar installers earned an average of $42,680, according to the BLS.
  • You don’t need to offer much more than what your competitors are offering when it comes to wages although it is better.

However, posting on a good number of job sites is still not sufficient. You should also establish a systematic hiring funnel as well across all your online job boards to hire in the most efficient way. Here are some steps that general contractors can implement to their hiring processes to ensure a constant supply of high-quality employees and subcontractors.

It’s also your first chance to sell yourself and the opportunity you’re offering. And by 2020, all 1.5 million of those construction jobs had been recovered . March 2020 brought about the COVID-19 pandemic, and again, the economy got shut down.

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